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String resourceContent(String name, String charset)

See Files.readString() for further details

Returns :

  • Returns the content of the resource.

Examples :

SpEL : ${#resourceContent("name", "UTF-8")}


String resourcePath(String name)

See Path.toString() for further details

Returns :

  • Returns the string representation of this path.

Examples :

SpEL : ${#resourcePath("name")}


String resourcesPath(String name)

Finds all the resources with the given name. A resource is some data (images, audio, text, etc) that can be accessed by class code in a way that is independent of the location of the code.

See ClassLoader.getResources() for further details

Returns :

  • Returns an enumeration of URL objects for the resource. If no resources could be found, the enumeration will be empty.

Examples :

SpEL : ${#resourcesPath("name")}