This action executes a Groovy script.

Required Name Type Default Description
* script String The groovy script to be executed. The last statement must return a Map either implicitly or explicitly.
For a script that just launch background execution, an empty map ([:]) must be the last statement.
parameters Map Key/values parameters to be used in the script
Name Type Description
status Status enum (Success, Failure) Execution status of the groovy task
outputs Map The map returned by the last statement of the executed script.


import com.chutneytesting.kotlin.dsl.AssertAction
import com.chutneytesting.kotlin.dsl.GroovyAction
import com.chutneytesting.kotlin.dsl.Scenario

val my_groovy_scenario = Scenario(title = "my groovy scenario") {
    When("I run my script") {
            script = """
                int sum = left + right
                return ['computation': sum]
            parameters = mapOf(
                "left" to 1,
                "right" to 2
    Then("I check computation") {
            asserts = listOf(
                "\${#computation == 3}"