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When you need a custom function which is not provided by Chutney, you can implement it and load it to your chutney server.

Implement your custom function🔗

  • Create a new java class.
  • Declare a static method and implement it.
  • Annotate it with @SpelFunction.


Method overloading does not work with SpEL.


    package my.custom.package;

    import com.chutneytesting.action.spi.SpelFunction;
    import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;

    public class MyCustomFunctions {

        public static int stringSum(String a, String b) {
            int right = StringUtils.isNoneBlank(a) ? Integer.valueOf(a) : 0;
            int left = StringUtils.isNoneBlank(b) ? Integer.valueOf(b) : 0;
            return left + right;

Load it to Chutney🔗

  • create a chutney.functions in resources/META-INF/extension
  • declare your custom class inside it:


  • Restart Chutney server and all annotated methods with @SpelFunction are now loaded.
    Check your server log, you will see something like:
    [main] DEBUG c.c.e.d.e.evaluation.SpelFunctions - Loading function: stringSum (MyCustomFunctions)

Use it🔗

Call your custom function from your Kotlin scenario:


    import com.chutneytesting.kotlin.dsl.AssertAction
    import com.chutneytesting.kotlin.dsl.Scenario

    val my_scenario = Scenario(title = "my scenario") {
        When("I test my string sum function") {
                asserts = listOf(
                    "\${#stringSum(\"1\", \"2\") == 3}",
                    "\${#stringSum(\"1\", null) == 1}",
                    "\${#stringSum(null, \"2\") == 2}",
                    "\${#stringSum(null, null) == 0}",